Nelson Mandela Day 2013


The Nelson Mandela’s Day 2013 took place at Massey Street Children Hospital on 18th July, 2013 by 10:15am. 

 food Demonstration that explained the importance of balanced diet in infant food to contain all necessary minerals & vitamins required as in Infacare 2 & 3 and mentioned the meal that will demonstrated to mothers- Pap & Soybeans (commonly known as Ogi- Yellow & Chocolate colours- called Ogi Baba in Yoruba Language) and Banana Puree which will mixed with the Infant Formula 2


Our members of staffs giving talk on baby feeding MAN2
Interraction time between our health officers and mothers 
Preparation of our product MAN5
Distribution of prepared food for the baby MAN7
Presentation of gifts to the parents MAN8
Group pictures of our staffs MAN12
Group picture of parents and babies MAN13


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