Hemolok Solution is a water soluble ferrous salt (II, III) of polyacrylic acid.

Each 1% of the solution contains Feracrylum.

Feracrylum and its solution withstand sterilization at temperature 1070C and pressure 1.2 bar for 60 minutes.

Hemolok Solution is a local haemostatic and antiseptic agent. The haemostatic effect is based on the formation of a synthetic complex consisting of its adduct with plasma proteins principally albumin. It also has antibacterial activity against any gram-negative and gram-positive microorganisms and against various pathogenic fungi.

Hemolok Solution is used as haemostatic agent in all types of surgeries whenever oozing from capillaries and venules is present and also in patients with disturbances in the blood coagulation system.

Due to its high molecular weight, Hemolok is not absorbed into the systemic circulation. It does not affect the functions of the liver, kidney, adrenal glands, cardiovascular system and haemostatic system, when it comes to contact directly with these organs.

Hemolok Solution is packed in 100ml bottles.

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