Infacare 3 is a delicious growing-up milk, scientifically formulated to fill the gaps in the solid diet of children aged one year to three years.

Infacare 3 is fortified with all known essential vitamins and minerals, including iron, which is important for young children's growth and mental development.

Infacare 3 is a refreshing, creamy, vanilla tasting drink that children can enjoy at any time.


Pharmacy, grocery and other retail outlets

Packs Available

400g carton


Skim milk, corn syrup solids, vegetable oils (palm, palm kernel or coconut, soy), sucrose, whey protein concentrate, soy lecithin, vanillin, inositol, minerals, vitamins including beta-carotene.


* Number of feedings per day = 2-3

Please contact your Healthcare Professional for more information about this product.